Tank Trouble Unblocked

Tank Trouble is the only game which gives you a lot of fun and enjoyment while playing with the friends. Beat your friends, again and again, using your tank’s bullet and win over them. 2 Player and 3 Players are supported by the Tank Trouble Unblocked game. Play it for free down below.

What Is Tank Trouble Game

If you haven’t ever played this game, then I would like to tell you a few things about the game. Up to 3 players can be added to a single match and your job is to beat them up one by one. There’s also AI, which simply means that single player option is also available.

When a player starts the game for the first time, he’ll be given a tank. Then keys will be assigned to every player e.g M key is mainly assigned to fire and Up, Down, Left, Right keys to navigate the tank.

When the bullet is fired, it’ll touch the walls and will reflect from there. There’s a timing for each ball and after that time. The ball will disappear automatically but till then you have to keep yourself safe t=from that bullet.

Keep this in mind that whether the bullet is yours, or your enemy’s, it’ll still hurt your tank. Once you’re touched with the bullet, you’re gone. No levels are there, it’s unlimited game but maps are changed after you or your enemy scored. With the increase in points, the difficulty and size of the map will increase.

Enjoy Tank Trouble Unblocked Game for free here at school or anywhere.

Keys To Control Tank Trouble 2 Unblocked

  • M key to fire, if playing single player (firing keys are generally displayed on the screen.
  • Up key to accelerate forward.
  • Down key to move backward.
  • Left key to move towards left direction.
  • Right key to move towards the right direction.

Gameplay Of Tank Trouble Unblocked

The gameplay is really very nice. I’m playing it from past few months and really enjoyed it. Whether you are alone or with friends, you’ll enjoy it very nicely. The AI in single player mode is challenging. This means there are still many challenges to face.

Maps are changed after one player makes a score. Narrow space with danger missiles will make you sweat. Graphics are just flat but good enough. Play this game with your family members or friends.


tank trouble unblocked

Tips To Compete With Your Enemies In Tank Trouble 2 Unblocked

Returning visitors might be aware of the fact that it’s hard to win over the competitor. It’s because of the fact that your own bullets will hurt you and will destroy your tank. So, there’s huge need to stay alert from all the sides. A simple mistake will result in big harm and your competitor will win over you with ease.

The very first thing you should make sure of is that don’t get too much closer to your competitor. The reason is simple, consistently fired bullets will be all over the place and there’s a huge danger to both the players. So, keep some distance.

As we know, firing your ammo is the main key to win. But, too much firing is, of course, harmful to you. You can’t simply run away from all those fired bombs.

There’s a big need to gain mastery over controls. It takes a few minutes of gameplay to gain your complete control over the tanker. Because of the fact that you need to move too quickly and quick action is the main advantage to the players in all the ways. So, first learn how to control the tanker nicely and steadily.

  • Take advantage of walls, use them to aim your bombs.
  • Learn to accelerate and move your tanker fastly.
  • Don’t fire too many bombs in one go.
  • Keep a safe distance from the competitor.

These are the main tips which will help you in many ways while playing tank trouble unblocked.


Now, it’s time to enjoy the tank trouble 2 unblocked. I’ve given you all the necessary suggestions which are must to enjoy and start the game. But, you need to experience this thing on your own. It’s not a rocket science that you need to figure out. Just jump into the game and enjoy nicely.

Make sure you’ve enabled Flash Player in your browser and is enabled on this site as well. Just click on the Box given on the top of this page and allow the flash to run. Then the page will reload and tan trouble game will start. If you don’t have flash player installed, download it from here for free.

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